Why Do I Need A Facebook Pixel?

You’re Losing Customers! You don’t currently have a facebook pixel installed… This means that you’re losing money on every single one of your website visitors because you’re unable to retarget them and turn them into paying customers.

Watch the video for pixel explanation:How To Create A Facebook Pixel? 

There are a 2 steps to start from the beginning:

Step 1: Create Facebook Business manager – Click here to get step by step instructions.
Step 2: Create and Install a pixel – Click here to get step by step instructions.

Now that you’ve installed the pixel you finally start collecting data from your website visitors. 

In order to monetize this great business asset you should consider 3 things:

  • Set up retargeting ads to get your websites back on your site for lower ad costs
  • Create lookalike audiences from your audience to upscale immensely
  • Figure it all out by yourself

Contact us and ask for the possibilities for your business. Please mention reason of contacting and preferably with any links of your site(s).

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