Turn cold prospects into buyers by educating them first on the product that sells the product – I wish I knew this when I was 11 when I did my door to door selling…

You know how to sell, right? Everyone does but what if you actually really get into the deep manousha and implement a strategy that’s just as easy as riding a bike?

And you didn’t ride the Tour the France on your first day on your bike, so yes, it does require practice and I am here as well to guide you.

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What’s The Method?

It’s called the lynchpin which is a method that was brought to my attention by dr Ben Atkins, yep, one of the few guru’s that actually provide real value.

And I mixed it up with “Dotcom Secrets” and the Hollywood script blueprint of Michael Hauge, yes THE American story consultant, author, and lecturer who works with writers and filmmakers 

This results in THE approach to convert more traffic into buyers.

You understand why this is important enough for you to continue reading, right? GREAT, let’s move on…

Real Life Example: McDonalds

Yep, they use the Lynchpin on such an obvious level which makes it an undeniable beautiful orchestra of the required elements of the Lynchpin method.

As you remember I mentioned before the Lynchpin is about:”…educating them first on the product that sells the product.”

And you know that McDonalds is in the real estate business and not the burger business.

Now, the burger business is the part where they EDUCATE the franchansise people, their real target audience, on selling the product that sells their main product which is in McDonald’s case: real estate.

Genius, right?

Did You Know That You Can Become The Lynchpin For Anyone You Choose So?

By showing genuine interest in another human being and asking them the right questions you’ll be able to find out their desires and their goals.

If you can close that gap, shorten the time for them to reach that point in life or business then you’re their lynchpin, remember this one when stepping into any conversation with a person.

Chit chat is fun and easy but just start pushing yourself and provide at least 2-3 valuables into each conversation and your life will change for the better.

And you know what? People will actually REALLY want to do “chit chats” with you. Try and you will see…

What Do I Bring To Table Here Then?

I can give you an exact step by step powerpoint template where you only need to fill in the requirements to build the lynchpin for your business.

Once you filled in your lynchpin elements then it’s time for marketing the lynchpin, start monitoring the results and tweak it.

Want to check out the Powerpoint template? Just drop me a message on Whatsapp.


I explained to you basically what the lynchpin is and presented a real life business example and now it’s for you to decide if it sounds good enough to try out. Contact me and I will help you out.

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