Wow, wow, hold your horses…

Do not start throwing your sh#t at me, YET! (for me making this BOLD statement)

Just check out the post so I can explain why we’re the best to expand and explode your b2b business outreach.

Warning: This post is for people who are familair with reaching out to other businesses by phone calls or email marketing or messenger marketing – so forgive me for NOT diving into the term cold outreach or cold emailing but click here to find out more!

DISCLAIMER: I keep this post short and snappy without any fancy images – indepth details are ONLY shared on scheduled video calls with people who respect time and love making connections and sales!

Let me throw you first a few head turners:

(standard implemented in our outreaches)

  • A/B Split testing: Test different copies and bodies – (nothing new, I can hear you think)
  • Spintax: Every single email is unique because we give every 3-6 words several variations which prevents ending up in the spambox. Our spintax alone is out of this world!
  • Place-holders for name, addresses, cities…anything, whatever we want!
  • We add unsubscribe links and email signatures with place-holders NOT written text!
  • Full reports: Opening, delivered, clicked, etc
  • Full email sequences with an unlimited amount of follow ups
  • Follow ups adapting to lead’s behaviour – like opening, not opening, clicking, responding, etc
  • Optimized time delays born out of hundreds of tested delays to get the highest response rate – without creating a spammy tension between sender and receiver
  • Unlimited reach-outs! Yes that’s right!

Years of experience…and so much more but we keep the best for video meetings!

Just to be clear:

We used pretty much any email service on the internet from Mailchimp to GMass and everything in between – BOLD statement coming: NONE of them work as flawless as the setups that we use – PERIOD!

NOTE: We’re not talking using application and services for a few hours – we’re talking about days in a row, fully testing and pushing it to and over the limits – Oh, and did I mention that our setups are under OUR control and not some third party?!

What About Leads?

  • Years of experience with the best lead collection strategies and methods from any platform! Forums, social media, etc…
  • Ask for more details:

>>> CLICK HERE <<< (Don’t worry it’s a Calendly link)

  • We’ve got the best experience to grab leads in any niche on any location – BOOM!
  • Full detail leads: Name, email, website, social media, location, phone number, etc
  • Yes ok, some countries need a bit more attention but we do what’s required to meet client’s needs.

What About Copy for The Sequence of Message Follow Ups?

  • We wrote thousands of emails the past years and we do know what works and what doesn’t – PERIOD!
  • Besides the copy we tested hundreds of time delay variations between the follow ups
  • We use strategies that we developed over time to deliver the right email depending on the lead’s behaviour.
  • And if that’s not enough we got our segment strategies in place to send even more advanced follow ups for higher conversions!

Contact me for any type of collaboration:

As long as you got a USP (unique selling proposition) I will bring it to the market.

Let’s keep it short – just schedule a meeting at a convenient time using the link below.

>>> CLICK HERE <<< (Don’t worry it’s a Calendly link)

Possible ways of collaboration:

My pricing model is incredibly simple:

You tell me what you think it’s worth – so below you can see the three phases of payments – the only thing you need to do is dive into your numbers, set the numbers, and contact me

Payment model:

  • One time fee or recurring monthly fee
  • Per lead booked
  • Commission for lead conversion

Consider numbers that keep you respecting yourself and your business PLUS keeping me emotionally invested in your company goals.

Q and A:

  • Can you provide me with a complete setup to utilize myself? Possible but doesn’t come cheap
  • Can you teach me? Yes but don’t expect a nickels and dime offer
  • Will my business get into an trouble? Nope, because we send traffic though our self-hosted cloaked links and capture audiences before presenting the call to actions
  • Do I get a weekly statistic insight report? Yes, and you can request more!
  • Will every link be tracked? Yes, all links, all lead’s behavior, all pages, etc
  • Is this considered spamming? Nope, we offer b2b services by contacting each business in a personalized matter PLUS we bring REAL value!

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