Domain flipping, buying trading, buying, and selling whatever the label you want to put on it – it’s a business model that deserves in my humble opinion a bit of attention by sharing my own experience with this business model.

DISCLAIMER: The strategies that I am sharing are still evolving at this point and I am not claiming in any kind of way that these are the best but they do have a high success rate…

Why Should You Like This Business Model?

  1. Low investment – You can scoop up domains for a few dollars to get started
  2. Unique item – All domains are unique
  3. Networking – You get in contact with lots of people in the niches that you’re active in – In order to bring domains to the attention I am using cold emailing as my outreach strategy

There Are A Few Types of Domains That I Buy

  1. Domains at the end of the auction – You can pick up great domains for awesome prices and I also share a few times per week domain lists in one of my Facebook groups. – Click here to check the Domain list post
  2. Domains that are expired – These domains can be scooped up for registration prices without auction fees or release time – I also share these kind of domains in my group.
  3. Domains with traffic – Mostly focused on domains with a minimum of 1000 visitors a month
  4. And location and niche specific domains

These are the domain types that I or actually we are focused on by the time of writing this post…

What Kind of Domains NOT to Buy?

  1. No dashes
  2. No numerals
  3. No trademarks
  4. No misspellings
  5. No more than 3 words
  6. Not previously used for illegal activity – You could use Archive.org to check upon the history of a domain
  7. No double clingers

I always try to make my blog posts like summaries of much larger processes so it might happen that I forgot or simply left out certain information…

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Where To Register Your Domains?

I register my domains mainly at Namecheap for the longer-term domains and GoDaddy for domain flipping purposes – Simply because NameCheap has the best renewal pricing on the market

Where To Sell Your Domains?

…And where not to sell…Let’s start with this one:

Don’t sell in Facebook groups because most domains buy and selling groups are saturated with knuckleheads who simply don’t use their rational thinking and forget about the fact that it is a real business model which requires some level of human interaction…

Yep, if you think that this is the kind of layback, eat Cheetos and get rich overnight (like most people approach any kind of online venture) then you’re pretty wrong…

So no Facebook groups, at least my experience and interaction with individuals in those groups, big-time wasters…

Where do I sell?

I sold so far most of my domains by direct messaging, my existing network and cold emailing people…That’s really it


I want to start developing the domains with traffic and place websites on them and list them on Flippa

I could give you a whole list of other domain listing sites but I simply didn’t use most of them and I couldn’t recommend any from my own experience…so for that reason I don’t

How To Sell – The Transactions

I use Zoom calls, I record the Zoom call and do everything with a shared screen…BUT…

If you don’t feel comfortable with any of this then simply use any of the following sites:

  1. Afternic
  2. Sedo
  3. GoDaddy Auctions
  4. Escrow.com

WARNING: NO Paypal because it’s super-easy to open a dispute and you’ll end up without domain and without money!

Tools To Check

Although quite some domain valuation tools have disappeared over the years I use moslrty these tools:

  1. GoDaddy domain valuation – https://uk.godaddy.com/domain-value-appraisal/
  2. Estibot – https://www.estibot.com/
  3. DomainIndex.com – https://domainindex.com/domains/

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