The super short chatbot video above explains a lot, right? But there is much more going behind the visible part.

Let Me Explain:

First off, your website without a chatbot will lose the visitor’s attention pretty much in the first 5 seconds. People are simply too busy with the constant distractions…

Secondly: You did all that work to get them to your site and then they leave within seconds because they get lost very quickly because of all the great options you’ve got to offer.

See the thing about website traffic is:

You can send thousands of people to your site but if there is no clear path to follow or a clear call to action that you want them to take then it’s a waste of time and money to send traffic in the first place.

Two Types of Chatbots Take Care of Similar Problems

We provide two different kinds of chatbots: Conversion focused chatbots and conversational chatbots.

The conversion focused chatbots don’t overwhelm the visitor with all kind of choices and the conversational chatbot does offer a multiple options and leaves space for the visitor to give his or her own input.

Now, none of them is better or worse than the other but the choice for one of these chatbots depends entirely on the desired business goals and the price points of the service or product that needs to be sold.

In our opinion there is simply not such a one-size-fits all because we know from our experience each business is unique and needs customized strategies in order to get maximum results.

The fastest way to discover what fits your business is simply open a Whatsapp chat with us and we will tell you all about without any obligations.

What Are Backend Sales?

Now this is question that I get on a daily basis from brick and mortar businesses and also from website owners.

This is basically how the backend sales strategy works: A visitor arrives on the website and engages with your chatbot then the chatbot collects data like names, email and any other data that has been set to aquire.

This data gets collected in an email service where the data is safely stored BUT also fires another process which is the automated email sending process.

These emails provide additional value to the visitor in their email inbox on auto pilot, this can be a discount coupon, a promised ebook, an invitation to a webinar, etc.

These email sequences can be as long or as short and also depending on the business goals and price points.

So you probably noticed how important the collection of data like contact details is because now you can contact all those people who left your site before taking action without spending any extra money on advertisement.

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This Will Cost Me A Rib and an Eye, Right? Wrong!

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