Why Would You Build An Audience?

To increase the value of your effort on any other platform besides your blog or website, you need to build audiences that you can reach on any given moment with any kind of message in one single click.

Yep ladies and gents, another value post and yes most of you Facebook veterans already know about this but many people simply don’t and especially for small businesses this can mean a big money saver and earner.

BECAUSE you can advertise your value to those people over and over again for free as long as you keep it spam free obviously.

That Does Sound All Great but Are You Actually Doing It?

Great question, and yes I build DOZENS of audiences that I can send messages to and I will show you one of them.

This is a screenshot of a messenger list that I am building from one of my dog Facebook pages:

At the moment I don’t work on this list but in the next 2 weeks I will grow this list with only 5 times 10 minutes per week to show you that you can grow a list with a few minutes per week.

I also shared this screenshot in my WhatsApp group and I attached this little challenge to it just to show you again that I am all about being real here.

Send me message if you’re interested in the strategies that I personally use.

How To Build An Audience From Facebook Comment?

Before you start panicking it’s for free and I will straight away dive into the setup so just follow the steps in chronological order.

First you need to go here and get yourself a free account: Click here to create a Manychat account

Simply signup with your Facebook account with only a few clicks.

Then add your Facebook page.

Setup The Facebook Comments Growth Tool:

Now it’s time to setup the strategy to start building that audience that comments on your posts – keep in mind those people already show their interest in your content and it’s great opportunity for you to monetize this.

Watch the video how to set it up:

Action Time:

Set it up and start building audiences that you own because don’t expect that everyone who follows your Facebook page will see your post. That’s simply not the reality.

Capture their details and shovel your message under their scrolling thumbs…

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