How often do you ask yourself what to write about on your blog, what kind of topics to use for your leadgen bait or what kind of content you should create every day on your social media?

And probably even more important: How to create relevant and up-to-date content that attracts your audience and shows that you are an expert in your niche?

Today I will give you one of the easiest 3 step methods to create your main content and to create multiple snippets from that single piece of content to use for your social media content.

In my upcoming course I will teach you in total 5 methods to create huge amounts of content creation methods PLUS automated distribution and how to increase engagement.

Take a look at the overview before we get started:

Most Common Content Creation Problems:

  • Not enough research
  • Creativity flow blockages
  • Your content is too generic, too many sharks in the same waters
  • The copy of your landing pages is not converting because it’s not relevant enough for your audience
  • Your ad copy isn’t relevant enough for your targeted audience

I could go on and on but you’ll get the picture, right? And who has the time to spend hours on research or who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to some shady copywriter who’s sitting behind a desk in a dusty basement at his parents home?

You want to get that content created fast, you want to have multiple pieces of content to distribute on your social media accounts without spending hours on research and content creation.

And this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to turn a 12 year old into a quality content generating machine!

Ok, let’s get started…

Step #1: Create Your Main Content or Blockbuster:

Use this tool to create content for your blog post, your Youtube videos, social media posts, etc. to answer all the burning questions that your audience currently has – yes, it’s up to date!

It provides all the questions your audience has and it even shows you the ranking of those questions and on top of that the questions are clickable that lead you directly to the answers in Google search results.

You can literally create your main content in less than 30 minutes to answer the burning questions that your audience has and you only need to serve it to them.

This tool is called: https://answerthepublic.com

NOTE: it used to be a 100% free tool with unlimited searches but at the moment you can do limited searches per IP address which you can easily solve with a reliable VPN or switch to your phone or simply open the site from your neighbors 🙂

Content Suggestions:

  • Lead generation baits
  • Create blog posts 
  • Create social media posts that are hyper relevant to your audience
  • Keyword optimized content and ads
  • Create your eBook best seller

Use this template to fill in the content: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qXU89d0ER4U-Dye1fpWiT0Ve2-DKROHTbV3A06TGmuU/edit?usp=sharing

Step #2: Create Snippets or Your Movie Trailers

Step 2 is even easier than step 1 – To create the content for your social media you simply take out the highlights of your main content and add a scroll stopping image.

The highlight is your main social media post’s copy, add a hook to grab the attention of your audience, add a personal touch and add your call-to-action.

Examples of content segments:

  • Hook – “Did you know how thousands of people solve [problem]?”
  • Personal touch – “This is how we actually solved [problem] last week for ….”
  • CTA – “Click link in bio” or “Contact for more information” or whatever your cta might be…

Scroll Stopping Image:

Now one very important part is the image, make sure you use an image that makes people stop scrolling through their newsfeed.

Copyright FREE Image Sources:

And lastly, add your hashtags, after testing dozens of hashtag tools this is still my personal favorite and make my Facebook groups grow like crazy: https://displaypurposes.com/

Tips: Use faces with scroll stopping expressions PLUS you could add some text to the image but you could skip this to save time. For fast image editing I use Canva

I could go 10 levels deep into details here but I think you understand what to do now, right? If not, drop that burning question on Whatsapp – I’ll always answer.

Step #3: Distribute Your Created Content on Social Media

And now we have already arrived at the last step of this simple method to create super fast relevant and high in-demand content for your audience.

Now, simply start posting or scheduling your content snippets.

Need More Social Media Content?

Create even more snippets from your snippets by adding text, mixing up snippets, change hooks, use different images for your snippets to test engagement, simply mix up your snippet and images and you create enough content for a few days.

TIP: Do not get paralyzed by over-thinking your social media content creation process. Unless you got over a million followers you simply don’t get burned by making minor mistakes it’s the actually doing that makes you every time better and faster.


What to do now? There’s only one answer to do this question:”Start with step 1 and finish at step 3!”

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create relevant content to build that necessary trust with your audience and eventually make those sales.

Yes, I can provide much more in depth and even faster strategies but those come with investments in tools and a deeper understanding of content creation.

If you are at this point not a regular content creator I would highly suggest that you start with this method and as I mentioned above you can always reach me on Whatsapp or any other platform.

And hey, don’t forget to join my free mastermind Whatsapp group where I share my real life experiences and business talks of the week. Check the sidebar (below if you reading this on mobile).

Try it and let me know how it works out for you…

BONUS: Below you can find the official answerthepublic video for those who like to dive deeper into this method.

Watch The Video Below And Get Even More Inspired:

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