First off let’s make a polarizing statement here: Most advertising agencies will recommend you to start advertising on Facebook or Google and start using their basic costly advertising packages.

Sounds familiar? Good for them not for you…

Me as a business growth strategist would recommend to start with the assets that you do have now and optimize these first so you can afford me without digging out your wallet.

How To Get More Leads The Right Way?

Great question, now assume that you do have an established business at this moment with a reasonable amount of visitors. With a reasonable amount I mean that you can cover your costs and live from your business.

First you should increase the value of your clients:

  • Collect people their data when they use your Wifi
  • Remarket your clients with the collected data with offers that will fill up your empty hours/days
  • Ask for review in exchange of an offer this can be a coupon or a bottle of wine.
  • Ask for referrals again in exchange of an offer
  • Open Whatsapp chat for more options – there are over 83 options

Optimize Your Online Presence:

  • Post daily pictures of your dishes and drinks on social media
  • Post about your happy- and promo hours
  • Place images about yourself on social media and website – Surprisingly most owners like to hide themselves online so get ahead of the curve and present yourself and your business
  • Like food posts of other people on social media – a percentage will check you out as well.
  • Comment on people their food posts – same but even better result then previous option
  • I could go on and on but again if you want to know more just hit the Whatsapp chat button

Optimize On Floor Processes:

  • Check the way your employees treat the clients
  • Check upon the hygiene levels and put the bar higher
  • Automate checkout processes

By taking action on the few things I mentioned above you can increase your overall revenue with a certain percentage with a minimal effort i a reasonable time period.

NOW It’s Time To Upscale:

In my personal experience and opinion: A business should first take care of the fundaments and then start upscaling by implementing strategies that can grow their business.

And that’s the part where business growth strategies come to play like:

  • Automating online processes like taking orders and social media posting
  • Increasing content on your website
  • Building offer funnels to grab new clients and get that bigger piece of market share.
  • Using chatbots to help your customer 24/7
  • Setting up automated lead nurturing systems that will warm up your new leads

Conclusion: Optimize what you’ve got, get rid of minor errors and contact me to get a free consultancy talk on Whatsapp.

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