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In this Twitter blog post I won’t waste your time with all kind of Twitter facts and Twitter tweets to warm you up for Twitter. I would simply recommend you to access the guide, read the guide and get started!

One thing I would like to mention since I hear the same argument over and over and that’s is:”But my friends are not using Twitter or people I know are not on Twitter”, well, first of all your friends are not your clients and the people that you do know don’t bring your that new cash flow…Just step with this thought into your Twitter venture no matter what your “friends” might tell you….

I Hear You Thinking

Do I need to spend now all my time on Twitter? How will I get in contact with those new clients or people? Or I don’t have time, whether you’re the king or queen of excuses or not you should read the guide first and all your questions will be magically answered.

And then perhaps consider to automate every single Twitter handling.

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