Why Create Facebook Groups?

To keep it short and simple: When you want to sell your services or your products you need clients but before you start selling to them you need to build trust by giving value.

Value can be served in many formats like: A top 10 of tips and tricks, or funny images with funny descriptions, or articles that will improve your prospects life or business, basic proven-to- work strategies like this article, etc…

And when you are the owner of a Facebook group you’re pretty instantly an authority figure which you could exploit ethically by providing the promised value.

Why Listen To My Strategy?

Now, I build dozens of groups on dozens of platforms in many different niches, actually at this point I got over 95 Facebook pages and a great amount of Facebook groups in a great diversity of niches.

Next to Facebook I like to build audiences on Skype, Whatsapp, email lists, Manychat messenger lists, ICQ and probably a few more…

And yes, my strategy does work in any niche…but you should read one of my previous articles to understand that you should focus on the education or entertainment of the product or service that will sell your main product or service.

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I could share lots of screenshots of huge groups that I own but I prefer to show you one of my recent Facebook groups that proves that it can be done in any niche.

I created this group more or less as a case study to prove that a group can be created and grown organically in less than 2 months in any kind of niche no matter how weird or common.

As you can see on the sidebar of the screenshot below it has today 86 requests and 54 auto-approved members – check the right side bottom that displays the date as well.

In the screenshot below you can see the growth over the past weeks:

Keep in mind that I didn’t do any paid traffic, everything is organic traffic.

How Do I Grow These Groups?

You probably were waiting for this part, right? Now, keep in mind this is not an overnight success strategy, it needs to be done strategically and persistently.

Next to that, once you’ve finished your setup it will take 1-2 weeks before it grabs attention of Facebook’s algorithm. The success of your Facebook group entirely depends on the quality of your content

Follow the steps below in chronological order:

  • Choose your niche – preferably a sub-niche
  • Create Facebook page
  • Create the Facebook page title with the niche main keyword plus an adjective keyword that will grab your prospects attention. In my case study: “The Best Joker…”
  • Create a description with the main keyword PLUS exactly WHO and WHAT it serves to the audience.
  • Create a sharp and mobile friendly centered Facebook page cover with clear call to action to join the group – I like to use Canva <<< Click here to start using Canva, it will give us both premium credits, yey.
  • Set the categories of your page – use all three!
  • Add personal details: Email, phone number, etc. Fill up all fields, the more the better, show Facebook’s algorithm that you’re up for it.
  • Go to Pinterest and grab 10 images that fit your niche PLUS images that have over a 1000 likes.
  • Post copy guidelines: 1) Hook – attention grabbing copy, 2) bait – the attractive part of your shared content and 3) call to action – join the group
  • Post 5 images and schedule 5 over the next 5 days. Schedule 3 times per day to increase the speed of grabbing attention.
  • And last thing to do: Add 15 hashtags to the post in the post copy and 15 hashtags in the post’s first comment.
  • I use this tool to get the hashtags: displaypurposes.com – This tool gives me the best results when it’s about generating organic traffic from hashtags – (I’ve used tons of hashtag tools)
  • And lastly create the Facebook group with the same name as your Facebook group and simply add the word group to it.

I do have more in depth information for each step described above but you should contact me otherwise this post gets too lengthy and you might get paralyzed by the information overload. Just being honest here…

Summary of “This Is How And Why I Create Facebook Groups”:

Start building the Facebook page and contact me along the way. Don’t overthink this strategy because you simply need to set it up and within 1-2 or two weeks your page content will grab Facebook’s algorithm attention.

Extra tips: Increase posting volume if you want to grow faster and you could start joining groups with your page and start sharing your posts in those groups as well but personally I am not a big fan of this because some group owners won’t like it.

And when people start refusing, blocking or disliking your content the algorithm will pick up these signals as well which puts your content on the lower priority end.

And last thing I like to do: Create multiple pages per week but again I don’t know how bad you want it…Don’t be shy and just drop me a message on Whatsapp and let me know how are you doing.

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