THREE things I will promise for this blog post and future blog posts:

1) I will keep it short 
2) You might save or earn something from each post 
3) It’s for FREE

Ok, now that’s out of the way here we go…

Are you currently advertising on Facebook or you pay somebody to advertise for you OR you planning to start advertising. Then continue reading the 3 tips that might save you some hard earned cash…

Tip #1 – Facebook Interests: Did you know that there are factual and algorithmic interests?

The difference is: Factual is based on the fact that people actually like a specific page and algorithmic is an interest where Facebook assumes that they might have a specific interest based on their behavior on Facebook.
I think you can already guess which one you should choose, right?

Tip #2 – Facebook Budget:

Set your budget dollars but end with uneven cents like: 5.09 or 16,19. Why? This gives your ad better placement which leads to…better performance!

Tip #3 – Another Facebook Budget:

Last but not the least tip: Set you your “lifetime budget” instead of “daily budget”. Why?

Like this Facebook will optimize your budget along the period of your ad and won’t PUSH ads just to reach your daily budget.
Never forget we dealing with humans and Facebook’s algorithm understands this on incredible sky-high artificial levels…

Bonus TIP ? Location!

When you target people who need an actual address in your target country I personally like to set this to “People who live in this location”. Easy peasy, right?

✌️ P.S.:  

Oh, despite the unfortunate events due the #coronavirus it is a great time to throw some lead gen ads – cost are lower than usual.

#USA & #Canada can get you leads as low as 0.30-0.35$ cts – normally 1.85$+

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