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Oct 13, 2019

Understanding Glare and Halos

Glare and halos are visual disturbances that can significantly impact your quality of life. Many people experience these symptoms, particularly at night or in low-light conditions. At Baron Rick W Dr, we specialize in providing comprehensive eye care solutions to address these issues.

Causes of Glare and Halos

Glare and halos can be caused by various factors, including:

  • Refractive errors: Conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can contribute to glare and halos.
  • Cataracts: Clouding of the lens of the eye can cause light to scatter, leading to glare and halos.
  • Corneal abnormalities: Irregularities in the cornea's shape can create visual disturbances.
  • Eye surgeries: Certain surgical procedures, such as LASIK, can cause temporary glare and halos during the recovery period.

Symptoms of Glare and Halos

The symptoms of glare and halos may vary from person to person. Some common signs include:

  • Difficulty driving at night due to blinding lights from oncoming traffic
  • Sensitivity to bright lights or sunlight
  • Rings or circles of light surrounding light sources
  • Reduced contrast and clarity in vision
  • Impaired depth perception

Treatment Options

At Baron Rick W Dr, we offer a range of treatment options to alleviate glare and halos:

Corrective Lenses

Prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses can effectively correct refractive errors, reducing the intensity of glare and halos.

Cataract Surgery

If cataracts are the underlying cause, our experienced surgeons can perform cataract surgery to replace the clouded lens with an artificial one, effectively eliminating glare and halos.

Medications and Eye Drops

In some cases, specific eye drops or medications may be prescribed to manage the symptoms of glare and halos.

Pupil Expansion

For individuals with certain corneal abnormalities, the use of specialized lenses or pupil expansion techniques can help reduce the visual disturbances caused by glare and halos.

Contact Baron Rick W Dr

If you are experiencing glare and halos and need professional assistance, Baron Rick W Dr is here to help. Our team of skilled optometrists will perform a comprehensive eye examination to identify the underlying causes and provide tailored treatment options.

Don't let glare and halos affect your daily life. Contact Baron Rick W Dr now to schedule an appointment and get the expert care you deserve.

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