What’s The Life Cycle of Facebook Ads?
A Facebook campaign’s life cycle contains the following 3 parts:
* Engagement – Gain likes, shares and comments to build trust – FAST!* Traffic – Get traffic to your website or landing page or sales funnel, proof that your ad is actually working and grow your Facebook pixel.* Purchase – Get your visitor to the point to take action: Buy, submit email, do a survey,etc

I Will Show You A Simple Basic Ad Strategy…This strategy takes care of the first 2 parts of the Facebook campaign’s life cycle and this case study shows that you can actually get new clients for less than 32.00 euro within 24 hours!

Here we go…

This is the Facebook page post that I created:

This Facebook Post’s Function Is:

The part that needs to create attention to the target audience in this: weight loss interested people.
Step one:
I did create an engagement campaign to gain trust and as you can see I only paid 0.03 cts per Post Engagement. You currently make new people aware of your business for only 0.03 cts?

Check the screenshot below:

What Does That Mean You Ask?
It means that it ONLY cost me 0.03 cts to make people aware of my offer and as you can see everything can be tracked upon to the cents.

After the “engagement” campaign I did a traffic campaign and as you can see in the screenshot each action on my post cost me ONLY 0.57 cts.

This means to get people visiting your content cost you ONLY 0.57 cts, isn’t that crazy!?

You Want To Know Where I Sent The Traffic? 

I did send the traffic to this landing page that I created for an affiliate offer and in case you’ll consider to promote affiliate offers too then always collect data BEFORE you send people to the actually offer. 
Open a chat with me to ask how to do it and I will provide you with some assets that will save you tons of guessing time.

See The Thing Is… 
You can send traffic to any website on the web but if there’ no clear “call to action” or a strategy setup to collect client data you simply flush your money through the drain.
And that’s why we create:

  • ​Clear call to action pages
  • Pages with an email collection option 
  • And pages with the Facebook pixel installed

What Happens With The Emails?Good question…In order to nurture those leads we setup so-called email funnels which are simply 5 to 7 days email sequences to turn that visitor into a customer.

Down below you can see a screenshot of  a 6 day email sequence which is dripped out to the people who took action our landing page:

Now To Summarize It All…

  • ​I paid a total of 31.18 euro
  • I got 277 post engagements – which we still can monetize
  • ​I collected a total of 14 email signups
  • ​Which means each new client cost me 2.22 euro but in the meantime I matured my Facebook pixel AND I do have HOT clients on my email lists which I can continue to nurture and convert over and over again.

Now My Question To You…Could you afford 2.22 euro to get a new client into your business? You probably can, right? And high likely you can see the potential for your business here.
Just to let you know, the people who get into this case study will be worth around 35$ per month to me…Not too shabby, right? 

AND…I only showed you the first 2 steps of the Facebook life cycle which proofs the viability of this ad.
Think about it…Marketing is the bloodline of your business, so let’s get that bloodline flooding…


✌️ P.S.:  Stop working IN your business but start managing your businesses by working smarter NOT harder…

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