Advertising MBT

You’ve got 3 basic options for making the advertisement payment.

Don’t hold back to contact me via WhatsApp in case of questions and concerns. 


IMPORTANT: Contact about puppy advertisement

After You Made The Payment

I need from you:

1. Up to 3 Images
2. Copy for the post:

Hook – catchy headline that presets the product

Bait – some kind of offer like : today discount only (just a simple example)

And call to action like “Click here” “Don’t miss out…” “Check out our great store here…” etc.

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Need PRO Ad Consultancy?

Posting a Facebook post is child’s play but creating a Facebook post that actually gets you results requires the right copy, optimized images with a clear call to action and formatting an offer that speaks to your audience…

Need consultancy or done-for-you solution?


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find the two most asked questions if you’ve got more questions than simply contact me on WhatsApp…

Are payments made safely?

100% yes. All our payments go through Stripe and you can make payments with any card. Paypal payments can be requested.

How fast will my post be up and running?

Within less than 12 hours after receiving the post content

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