What Is 404 Error?

You click on a link, but instead of getting the page you were looking for you will see the message that the requested page is not available. Bummer…right?

Links that don’t lead anywhere are known as ‘dead links’ or ‘broken links’. The HTTP status code 404 is often referred to as ‘error 404’, ‘HTTP 404’, or ‘404 code’.

Why Should You Solve 404 Errors?

Ending up on dead end pages is pretty irritating for the visitor but for the website owner, you, it might cost you a visitor or a lead or perhaps a paying client.

Ai…that might sting a tiny bit in your wallet, perhaps not directly but it simply cost you…

Now you know what a 404 is and the problems this can cause you should have at least a one second thought of:”Hey, perhaps I should solve this ASAP!’

Well, like caps on bottles there is solution for this problem, actually two and you can read about the solutions below…

Check the broken links on your site now:

How to Fix 404 Error?

I will give you two options: 1) Do it yourself 2) Let us fix your 404 problems…

Option 1: Do It Yourself:

Open this link and follow the easy to follow steps:


An additional remedy would be redirecting 404 errors:

404 Redirect Pages Examples:


Option 2: Let Us Fix Your 404 Problem

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