SOFLENS 38 - Family Vision Care

Aug 25, 2019

About SOFLENS 38

SOFLENS 38 is a top-tier contact lens option that provides exceptional comfort and clear vision for individuals seeking family vision care solutions. Developed by leading experts in eye health, SOFLENS 38 offers a comfortable fit and excellent performance, making it an ideal choice for wearers of all ages.

Benefits of SOFLENS 38

When it comes to your vision, you deserve the best. SOFLENS 38 offers a range of benefits that set it apart from other contact lens options:

  • Exceptional Comfort: Designed with your comfort in mind, SOFLENS 38 ensures a comfortable wearing experience throughout the day.
  • Clear Vision: Experience crystal-clear vision with the high-quality optics of SOFLENS 38. Say goodbye to blurry vision and hello to sharp, reliable sight.
  • Easy Handling: SOFLENS 38 features a convenient design that makes it easy to handle, insert, and remove. No more struggling with your contact lenses.
  • Durability: With proper care, SOFLENS 38 offers long-lasting durability, ensuring that your investment in vision care pays off for an extended period.
  • Wide Range of Prescription Options: Whether you have nearsightedness or farsightedness, SOFLENS 38 has you covered with a comprehensive range of prescription options.

How to Use SOFLENS 38

Using SOFLENS 38 is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to enjoy optimal comfort and vision:

  1. Wash Your Hands: Begin by thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water, ensuring that no harmful bacteria are transferred to your eyes.
  2. Open the Packaging: Tear open the blister pack containing your SOFLENS 38 and ensure that the lens is intact and undamaged.
  3. Insert the Lens: Use your index finger to place the lens gently on your eye. Make sure it is centered and does not cause any discomfort.
  4. Repeat for the Other Eye: Repeat the same process for your other eye, ensuring proper care and handling throughout.
  5. Follow Care Instructions: It is essential to follow the care instructions provided with your SOFLENS 38 and maintain a proper cleaning routine.
  6. Schedule Regular Check-ups: Visit your eye care professional regularly to ensure the health and comfort of your eyes while wearing SOFLENS 38.


When it comes to family vision care, Baron Rick W Dr is committed to providing you with the best in quality and performance. By offering SOFLENS 38, we aim to ensure that you have access to a premium contact lens option that prioritizes your comfort and vision needs. With its exceptional design, durability, and easy handling, SOFLENS 38 is a reliable choice for your entire family.

Discover the benefits of SOFLENS 38 today and experience the difference it can make in your daily life. Trust Baron Rick W Dr for all your vision care needs.

David Goossens
What a game-changer! 😍 Definitely worth trying out!
Nov 8, 2023
Franziska Nulle
Game-changer! 😍
Oct 16, 2023
Kristin Wheaton
Wow, I didn't realize there was a contact lens specifically designed for family vision care! 👀 This sounds like a game-changer! 💯
Oct 6, 2023